The Perfect Storm

When a shoe comes into style, that’s comfortable, functional and super chic?  That’s called the perfect storm.  Case in point: this season’s must have, the pool slide.  From rubber to leather (no, this isn’t a personal ad for Christian Gray), you don’t want to plan a weekend without them (or without Jamie Dornan, as it were).  

Most of us remember these from college days, wearing our boyfriend’s adidas shower shoes.  Luckily, they’re experiencing a resurgence thanks in part to collaborations like Rihanna and Fenty X Puma.  These work with anything from cutoffs and bikinis, to a mini-dress or wide leg pants.  Here are a few of my favorites.  Whichever one you choose, I’m pretty sure they’ll become your go-to shoe.  

Side note:  Socks are a no no.  Let’s all remember, this is fashion.  (and I don’t care if you’re just running out to walk the pup)

For a pair to wear this weekend, try Jildor, 30 Jobs Lane, Southampton









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