Tracy Anderson

Add one more reason to your list of why you love the Golden Pear.  They’ve teamed up with super trainer Tracy Anderson to offer smoothies made with her patented protein powder.  Every smoothie is 100% gluten and fructose free, and of course organic.  They will also offer her all organic ultimate CLEAR bars.  So even though you’re not allowed to eat yogurt on this diet, you can still pretend you’re allowed to enjoy cookie dough and cherry pie.  

The smoothies are meant for weight loss and detox.  Made with Tracy’s trademarked energy powder, vegetable based protein and arabinogalactan.  Real word, not an alien who picks you up, sucks your fat and drops you back in the Hamptons.  Sadly, simply a prebiotic.  Just around the corner from SoulCycle’s Bridgehampton Barn, this ought to offer every Hamptonite a green sludge filled straw to suck.

Conveniently, the Golden Pear has locations in East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor and Southampton.

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