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The Russians are Coming

Ok, not really. But with the whole ‘independent investigation’ of what they’ve done wrong, I think we can all agree that we’re happy to imbibe in something they do right. And since it’s actually local, we can feel morally superior while doing it. Enter Sagaponacka Vodka. The booze, made with potatoes from brother/sister team Dean and Marilee Foster’s own family farm has essentially saved their legacy.

After years of watching land values go up, and their profits go down, due to a mix of rising labor and machinery costs, and a bad deal in Nafta, they had to figure out a new plan. Dean cites the New York Craft Act signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2014, which eased up on regulations on craft beverage producers, with his ‘a-ha’ moment. In order to qualify as a farm distillery in New York, you need to source seventy-five percent of your ingredients from farms within the state. The edge Dean and Marilee have is that they are growing almost all their ingredients themselves, and also producing and distilling it on the Foster Farm right here in Sagoponack.


Try it out this weekend at Almond in the Dirty Foster, topped off with one of Marilee’s homemade pickled asparagus. Cheers!

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