Alessandro Lucioni via the Cut

Gingham for Grown Ups

It’s a fine line between looking like you’re wearing a romper and looking unbearably chic when you finally dip your toe into the gingham pool.  That said, for the timid, swimwear is actually a great way to test it out.

Gingham was originally a striped fabric imported from India in the the 17th century.  It wasn’t until the 18th century when it began to be woven in England that the well known checked pattern emerged.  It’s well known as a fabric for dressing the innocents, which makes it even more fun to sex/chic it up.  If you’re unsure how to wear it, your best bet is to pair one gingham piece with an otherwise solid look.  For the more daring out there, try gingham on gingham, in varying colors and pattern size.  

For a quick fix, hit J Crew, 14 Main St, East Hampton or Intermix, 64 Main St, Southampton

Here are some of my faves for summer.










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