Keith's Nervous Breakdown

Exciting news for summer weekends.  There’s a newcomer from Keith Davis, founder and CEO of the Golden Pear, from his line of Nervous Breakdown drink mixes.  Launched in 2016, this ultra premium line of cocktail mixes started with his signature margarita mix.  The cranberry-pomegranate margarita mix is 90% juice, non GMO, and gluten free.  Keith sources all natural fruit concentrates and berries from trusted farms.  The only sweetener used is organic agave nectar, so that means drinking this is healthy right?  I mean, essentially it’s a juice cleanse.  

The good news is that a new Rum Punch mix is out, and the newest addition, Bloody Mary mix, is launching as we speak.  The Rum Punch is made with all natural citrus concentrates and organic flavorings of vanilla, coconut and tangerine.  The Bloody Mary has hits of jalapeno, olives, pickles and celery.  Just add premium vodka and enjoy.  Exactly how I like to get my veggies.  


Keith’s Nervous Breakdown cocktail mixes are available at the Golden Pear and Grace’s marketplace, and online at  

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