Courtesy of Danielle Staff

This past Friday, on a beautiful night in the height of bunny season, a group of friends and I came out to celebrate with artist Hunt Slonem.  Well known for his ‘bunny paintings’, after learning he was born in the year of the rabbit, Slonem is said to begin each day painting, as a form of meditation or channeling a higher consciousness.  He believes “repetition is very important” in his work and life, and sees it as a form of spiritual meditation.  At Landscape Details in East Hampton, with books to sign and burgers to eat, I think everyone would have been happy to set the evening on repeat.

In attendance:

Mabley Handler, Pamela Eldridge, Michelle Carlino Brown, Michael Davis, Terry Cohen, Tamara Fraser, Blue Carreon, Tom Samet, Nathan Wold, Michael and Dwyer Derrig, Ginger Thornier, Trish and Eddie Burke and Zoe and Chris Mead

Catering by Art of Eating, 264 Butter Lane, Bridgehampton.

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