Happy Wellness Wednesday!  I swear I was taking this seriously.  I got in touch with the BluePrint girls, with the best intentions.  I was going to do a full cleanse, get myself summer ready (read: try to detox from all the summer water I’ve been drinking).  And what I got instead, was their advice on how to cleanse and actually enjoy it, meaning just add tequila.    They also mentioned freezing the juices to make healthy ice pops.  Fun, but not this fun.

Here’s the recipe for #summeroflemonYAY

4 Parts BluePrint Lemon Yay

2 Parts Coconut Milk

1 Part Tequila

  1. Combine Lemon Yay, coconut milk and tequila and triple sec in a cocktail shaker
  2. Strain into a tumbler with ice
  3. Garnish with a twist of lime and a cayenne pepper.  Enjoy!

“A lot of people recognize BluePrint as the pioneer of the cold-pressed juice and cleanse movement, but in the last few years we’ve evolved to be much more than that.  We’ve broadened our product mix to include teas, kombucha and tonics – and we’re passionate about giving people nutritious options to help get them through the day, even if that day includes a cocktail party or happy hour.  I love using our kombucha as a mixer with rum and our lime ginger juice makes for an excellent margarita. It’s great because I’m indulging in a cocktail without the unnecessary sugar and additives of typical mixers.”  Emma Fuerst Frelinghuysen, Vice President of Cultivate Ventures at The Hain Celestial Group

BluePrint will also be on The Free Ride golf carts in East Hampton and Southampton this summer starting mid-July, as well as in Montauk, East Hampton and Southampton for Labor Day Weekend through September 10. They’ll be handing out drinks to riders!

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