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In her second season in Bridgehampton, Knockout Beauty founder, Cayli Cavaco Reck, is upping her beauty game, offering products and treatments unavailable anywhere else.  They are the only retailer in the US to carry the Environ gold derma roller and the only place in the Hamptons to snag the highly coveted Meder Beauty.   They’re also the only place you’ll see a doctor in from Germany with her famous blood cream (not as scary as it sounds) and a London facialist with a 3 year waiting list.  And this is the only place to get their schedule.  You’re welcome!

The gold roller helps the skin produce collagen and elastin, it also allows products to penetrate deeper as the molecule has more clearance to do so. Gold has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities which is why it is a superior metal for a derma roller

Tess Adams from Take Care Face & Body, offering her famous Microcurrent Facials, which use a low level electric current that stimulates cellular activity.  This treatment energizes the skin and muscles, increases circulation and lymphatic drainage.

July 12-13 and July 18-19

Dr. Barbara Sturm in from Germany, blood cream in hand.  World-renowned for her minimally invasive anti-aging treatments.

July 20

Carey Davidson, Reiki Master, from Tournesol Wellness doing Vibroacoustics, a science-based treatment using sound and vibrations to reduce stress, relieve pain and restore balance.

July 24

Victoria Kray from Vega Jewelry, with her crystals, giving spot-on Astrological readings

July 26  (and possibly the 25th and 27th too)

Anee de Mamiel, here from London, offering her healing facials (she has a 3 YEAR WAITLIST!)  She is known for her ‘beyond organic’ product line.  According to Anee, they meditate and chant on the products during each stage of the development process, giving them a very special mindful vibrational energy.

August 2-4


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