Spinelli Kilcollin

Since his launch in 2010, Yves Spinelli’s universe has expanded exponentially.  The son of a fourth generation Italian blacksmith, Yves noticed a huge hole in the men’s jewelry market.  In looking to create an edgy, minimalist option for men, Yves was inspired by a seventies Nat Geo poster he had in his garage.  He started thinking about the cosmos, and how systems of stars are bound in patterns that evolve over time.  And so the galaxy rings were created.  A set of sterling silver linked rings of various thickness, that can be worn all together or across the fingers.  People were fighting each other to buy them.  

Insider tip: if you’re a member, or join Suite 1521 now, you’ll have access to a special trunk show in the Hamptons, todaySaturday July 15th.  Sign up to unlock the location

Since the launch, Spinelli Kilcollin has expanded to include all types of precious metals and stones.  The line is available at ColetteHarrod’sDover Street Market, and all Barney’s New York stores.

For the first time this summer, the cult favorite is offering a new collection exclusive to the Hamptons at Tenet in Southampton.  Prices range from $800, for sterling silver, to $8,000.  Run, don’t walk.

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