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This week, for a new series, ‘Never Miss a Monday,’ I had the chance to sit down with one of my favorite SoulCycle Master instructors, Rique Uresti.  His classes sell out every monday at noon, right as sign ups open, yes, even the 6am!  He’s known for super challenging, fast paced rides.  His background in music and dance give an unmatched rhythm to his class, the kind where you walk out singing, and wanting more.  Luckily, he’s in the Hamptons this summer, so we can get our sweat on out here too.  Equally inspiring on the bike as off, I found myself taking mental notes on self awareness, and how important perspective is in life.

How did you get your start?  What made you want to be a Soul instructor?  
I got a call from Julie Rice (one of the founders) while I was living in LA ending a personal relationship and working for the Sinatra family; I was planning my move back to NYC, so the stars were aligning…and the fact my best friend is and was in a relationship with one of the founding instructors.
What was the training like? 
I started my career in fitness with Equinox when Equinox only had 3 clubs in the city (I’m aging myself). I had never taught a cycling class in my life; I was skeptical, but I love a challenge and the freedom of movement, the focus on music and the rhythm was what hooked me into it.
Where are you from?  What’s your background?
I was born in Mexico; lived and studied in Texas and moved to NYC when i was 19 with $1000 in my pocket. Dancing and bartending my way through life and then I stumbled into a step class in the mid nineties and fell in love with it. The rest is a book I may or may not publish…
What’s your mantra? What gets you out of bed in the morning? 
Self awareness, love and communication are my main corner stones in life and keep me happy and awake. In my later years and through many travels, I realized how fortunate I am to be able to afford a cup of coffee and have a working toilet. So perspective on the things we take for granted will free up a lot of congestion in your life.
Tips for staying motivated-are there days you don’t want to work out either?
Lately the struggle is very real as I get along in life. As I have spent most of my adult life sweating, with less joints and parts of my body left to injure, I get creative physically and more aware health wise;  but again I revert to what keeps me motivated, and every day informs itself.
I don’t anticipate tomorrow’s performance or regret yesterday’s neglect.
What do you do for a workout, outside of Soul?
Lately Body weight exercises and mindful stretching along with some physical therapy knowledge brought to me by my good friend Corrine Croce keep me in good form.
What’s the perfect cheat day?  
I don’t really deprive myself of anything, so cheating isn’t really something I hang in the back of my mind. My best advice to those “cheating” habits is to slowly eliminate them from any crave cycle.
Who are you listening to right now? 
Right now I’m very into Era Istraf and this artist Pascal Junior. Listen to it all – trust me.
Favorite Hamptons spots?
I have been out here in the Hamptons for about 20 years – Some of my favorites are Lunchbox, en route to Montauk, Estia’s en route to Sag Harbor, Out of the Blue in Hampton Bays is incredible. I love the Shores in the Springs and walks in Sag Harbor at night. Recently I have been to Duryea’s and it was a solid fun time and great food.
What’s your favorite part about teaching in the Hamptons during summers?  What’s different about being here vs the city?
I have to say for me it’s a beautiful second home of friends from the city and I always meet new ones. I think the “Hamptons” experience is what you make of it, but if you expect too much from it, you’ll be disappointed; every year feels different to me, but this one in particular has already felt a bit more electric and fun.
Don’t forget to stop by the newly opened Below the BARN, in Bridgehampton.  A new place to kick back after a ride, or take a class off the bike.  A collaboration with Soul and lululemon, it’s a beautiful, relaxing space to visit.  Check out this week’s schedule below.
Monday, July 17th: Yoga with SAJE (sign up online)
Wednesday, July 19th: My Intent Project bracelet making station
Friday, July 21st: Juicing 101 with Montauk Juice Factory
Friday, July 21st: Surprise Live DJ/Local Artists for Happy Hour 4-6pm
Saturday, July 22nd: The Class by Taryn Toomey (sign up online)
Sunday, July 23rd: Yoga with Lululemon (sign up online)
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