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Two years ago, Laurie Gelman started writing a children’s book.  But in meeting after meeting with her publisher, she was cracking them up with the stories of being a class parent at her children’s school.  So the kids book got ditched and Class Mom was born.  An irreverent look into a year in the life of a kindergarten class mom, this is a must have beach read.  

Set in Kansas City, Jen Dixon is on her second spin as class mom.  Having raised two college age daughters, she had in her early twenties, she’s starting again with 5 year old Max.  She varies between soliciting ‘special’ brownies for curriculum night to recording parents response times to class emails, while other moms look on disapprovingly.  Complete with a sexy kindergarten teacher, an old flame of Jen’s, and an OCD allergy mom, I’m pretty sure everyone can relate.  A funny, fast read, this book will make you laugh out loud.  Even if you’re the one whose kid can’t eat gluten, dairy, or tree nuts.

Michael Gelman, Kelly Ripa, Laurie Gelman, Hilary Quinlan, Bryant Gumbel. Photo courtesy of Patrick McMullen

Laurie and her family live in the city, but put down roots in Water Mill 27 years ago.  She counts Lulu Kitchen & Bar (she says to get the burrata), La Hacienda (for takeout), and Tenet among her favorite local haunts.

Class Mom is available August 1st.  Preorder in the link!

Jamie, Michael, Laurie and Misha Gelman ©Patrick McMullan
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