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Lashes for Days

This week I got in to see the lash guru of the Hamptons, Jessica Lanza of Blow on Main St in Bridge.  Smart and down to earth, she gave me the ins and outs of the lash game.  Coming from someone who does everyone from Katie Lee to Playboy bunnies, you won’t want to miss her tips.

When Jessica first learned to do lashes, she didn’t like it at all.  The sharp tweezers and tedious work put her off.  But she learned to approach it like one of those Japanese Zen gardens where you can rake the sand over and over, (love this!), and it became a calming almost therapeutic experience for her.

Jess works with mink, silk and synthetic extensions of varying sizes and thicknesses.  She also uses hypoallergenic glue, with no formaldehyde.  Important if you want to avoid looking like a fighter the next day when your eyes swell shut.  Before working on anyone, she sits and has an honest conversation with them about what they want, and what their lashes can handle.  The biggest concern is not wanting to come out looking like a stripper.  She tells me, she won’t do anything on anyone else that she wouldn’t want for herself.

Typically clients need to come back for a ‘fill’ every 2 1/2 to 3 weeks, but it depends where you are in your lash growth cycle.  Jess tells me a lot of clients use Revitalash in between fills, (and it DOES make your lashes grow, I’ve used it, but it just makes you need to come back quicker).  Lanza’s tips include:

No overly hot showers

Avoid oils near your eyes-she recommends Clinique’s water based eye makeup remover

When you condition your hair, tilt your head back, so the grease doesn’t run over your eyes

Brush your lashes.  Keep a brush in your car, wallet, everywhere.

Don’t cry!

This fall Lanza plans to help her clients keep up their beauty regimen making weekly trips to NYC and Palm Beach.  But you better book in advance!

To make an appointment at the salon or at home, contact Jessica: 631-764-9195.


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