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Straight outta Southampton

First up in this summer’s “Never Miss a Monday” series is East End Row.  I spoke with co-founder Liza Benson this past week about starting their third summer in the Hamptons, and the opening of the East Hampton location on Memorial Day weekend.

Hamptons Fitness Director Albee Rogers

A self-proclaimed boutique fitness fanatic, Liza found that workouts like running and kettlebells were too high impact as she moved into her 40’s.  In looking for a music driven, zero impact workout with its base in interval training, Liza, along with her husband Alan, founded East End Row.   Rowing simultaneously works your legs, arms and core, she tells me.  Other rowing workouts are more crew based, and therefore much higher impact.  They also use water rowers, where the tank is filled with water, so less impact on the joints.

Water Rowers at East Hampton Location

In a typical 50 minute class, you can expect to row to the rhythm of some heart pumping music.  The instructors come around to make sure your stroke is correct, and do a pressure test.  It’s up to you to row at low, medium or full pressure.  The harder you pull, the harder it gets.  You’ll work your way through a walk, jog and sprint, then get off the machine for a roughly 7 minute ab section.  Then right back on to go through more ‘waves.’  In one workout you can burn up to 1,000 calories! (Works for me!)  They’ve also started Core Flex, a fast paced barre workout at the Southampton location, and with Pure Barre closed, it’s perfect timing.  So row on over to one of their 3 locations and book a class.  As a first time rower, it’s only $20.

East End Row:  33 Hill St, Southampton; 460 Pantigo Rd, East Hampton; 171 E 74th St. NYC.

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