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25 Years of Unlimited Care

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Unlimited Earth Care, with premier landscape designer Frederico Azevedo at the helm.  Originally from Brazil, Azevedo made his way to the Hamptons via stints in London, Oxford and New York City. His first job in New York was in Japanese landscaping, something he was very familiar with, having come from Brazil, which he tells me, was the first largest colony of Japan’s.  

Frederico developed his own company in 1993, focusing on a sustainable approach to landscaping.  He believes in using native or well adapted breeds of plants as much as possible in his work. Some examples he mentions are lupine, goldenrod, laurels, holly and dogwood, and this is just a sampling of the vast stable he plays with.  

Frederico Azevedo

Azevedo approaches each project as a work of art, almost like live flower arrangements.  He plays with height and texture, working to achieve the perfect mix of color and greenery.  He looks at the architecture of the house, and designs the landscaping to complement the style of the home.  I could sense Frederico’s genuine love for what he does as he spoke, telling me, “It’s a very detailed, beautiful process. I have a passion for color and flowers.”

One of Azevedo’s Landscapes

He works with a team of designers and landscapers, some of whom have been with him for up to 23 years, and share his sensibility.  His peak season is April through the 4th of July, when people have completed major renovations, and are looking to finish their homes with the perfect outdoor space.  Frederico describes his clientele as being very well traveled, looking for what’s coming next, not what’s happening now. He keeps his finger on the pulse attending trade shows, staying in touch with young up and coming designers, and extensive travel in the off season.  

In his free time, Frederico says he loves to paddleboard in Sag Harbor, cycle in the hills of Shelter Island, and eat at Sunset Beach.  He grabs coffee at Jack’s, and invites friends every sunday to go boating and barbecue at his home in Bridgehampton.

Sag Harbor Paddleboards

When I ask what made him set down roots in the Hamptons, he describes the fascinating mix of environments, telling me that in one drive, you’ll see wooded forest, farm fields, dunes and the waterfront.  He likens the light here to the south of France, saying, “There’s nowhere more beautiful in the world than the Hamptons.” (And he should know!)

Frederico’s Five Must Haves this season from Unlimited Earth Care:  

Citronella outdoor body spray- Outdoor body spray, formulated with citronella oil to keep bugs away. $25.00

Butterfly pool float- Inflates over 4 feet wide $40.00

Tantuvi rug- Made out of 100% Hemp. We offer two sizes. 4′ x 6′ $350.00 and 5′ x 7′ $500.00

Rose gold planter- Made out of fiberglass and for indoor use only. $575.00

Tara planter with succulents- Made out of fiberglass. $70.00

Unlimited Earth Care, 2249 Scuttle Hole Rd, Bridgehampton; 631-725-7551.

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