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Anyone else sick and tired of sitting in hours of traffic every Friday on your way to the Hamptons?  The trip back and forth wastes half your weekend.  Enter StarJets, and wait no more.  They guarantee they will respond to your call within 15 minutes and will arrange your private charter within 60 minutes.  That kind of service is hard to beat.

Courtesy StarJets

Offering the largest fleet of private jets in the world, you should already have these guys on speed dial.  Their digits, just in case you don’t:  888-737-5387.  The client’s safety is paramount and they only work with operators that have the most rigorous standards for safety, maintenance, training and operations in the industry.

Courtesy StarJets-London
Courtesy StarJets-Dubai

Anywhere in the world, from London to Dubai, New York to LA, they are available 24/7.  Sign up for the StarJet Card, and you guarantee yourself availability of any flight, to any destination within 24 hours.  It works like a debit card, so once you’re signed up you can refill as needed.  I don’t know about you, but I’m signing up and skipping the traffic this weekend!

Courtesy StarJets
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