Courtesy Atelier Doré

Weaving A Tale-Top 7 Woven Beach Bags

This is the perfect time of season to start scouring the sales for great summer deals.  From bathing suits to beach bags, expect to find things anywhere from 50-75% off.  (For some reason retailers seem to think that summer’s over after 4th of July.)

It’s also a fun time to experiment with different styles than you would wear in your city life, (I know, no one wants to think about that right now!)  So add a pop of color, or a shape you wouldn’t normally choose.  The beauty of these beach bags is that they can all double as ‘run around town’ totes, or even gym bags.  So get out there and pick one up! (Or two or three, who’s counting?)

Clockwise from top:  Sophie Anderson; Nordstrom; Elizabeth and James; Gucci; Gap; Antonello Tedde; Nordstrom

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