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If you’re looking for fun ways to get in shape this summer, (and not really notice you’re working out), head over to Hamptons Gym Corp (HGC), and check out all of their new programs.  I challenge you to tell me you’re bored.

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Memorial Day marked the launch of HGC’s new Outdoor Division.  Led by international champion windsurfer and personal trainer Jesper Vesterstroem, who has graced the covers of Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines, (read: he’s hot, ladies).  The new division offers small group fitness in some of the most beautiful locations in the Hamptons.  The program offers high intensity training scaled to your personal fitness level and championship instruction in windsurfing on the serene waters of the East End. Sessions are ninety minutes and include bodyweight exercises, kettlebells, ropes, sprints, ball slams and more. At the end of each session, look forward to cool down paddleboarding in the Hamptons waters. You can also request outdoor sessions be held privately at your home.

Courtesy HGC

The biggest addition to the Outdoor Division is windsurfing lessons held on Hamptons beaches, such as Napeague Bay, where the water is fairly shallow, and it’s always windy. Sessions begin on a tandem board and eventually graduate to individual boards.  Lessons for kids are also available.

Also new this month are TRX classes in the group fitness studio.  Doing this in small groups reduces the cost of private training.  Other GX Studio classes include: Body Combat, Body Pump, HGC Tone & Sculpt, PIYO, Body Flow, Core de Force, Total Body Conditioning, Zumba and Wake Up Vinyasa. These classes are now available for $15 as a drop in with packages as low as $9 per class.

Personal training is also available: 10 one-hour training sessions with 45 days of gym access ($1250); 15 one-hour training sessions with 60 days of gym access ($1800); 20 one-hour training sessions with 90 days of gym access ($2200); and 40 one-hour training sessions with 180 days of gym access ($4000).

Together we will achieve more-Tribe Training

Also exclusive to HGC is TRIBE Team Training which offers the opportunity to train in small groups, and focuses on the concept that as part of that team, you are encouraged to achieve more.  The classes are progressive, and you’ll never do the same workout twice.  And don’t miss trying out the spin studio at the Sag Harbor location, where all new bikes give a real road feel.  The Spinner® Power Chrono™ bikes offer the latest innovation in magnetic resistance and power-based training.

Courtesy HGC
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