Courtesy Plain-T

PLAIN-T, the well known whole-leaf tea company in Southampton, is excited to announce the launch of the Hamptons’ first and only Matcha and Iced Tea Mini-Mobile unit. This mobile mini-bar is the first in a new line of mobile PLAIN-T units, with a larger unit expected in the next year. The Mini-Mobile unit will soon be stationed at Hamptons restaurants, hotels, and stores, providing refreshing and healthy drinks to both locals and visitors. It will also be available for private party rentals and special events.

Courtesy Plain-T

PLAIN-T is grounded in the belief in the mental and physical benefits of consuming whole leaf tea.  Founded by Tathiana and Alessandro Teixeira, both former professional athletes, who had learned early on that a healthy balance in both body and mind was required for them to succeed.  PLAIN-T’s Matcha is 100 percent natural, sugar-free and virtually calorie-free. As a natural source of caffeine, nutrients, antioxidants, and fiber, Matcha is a much healthier alternative to coffee. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which helps the body stay energized and the mind stay alert for hours after consumption. PLAIN-T currently sells two versions of Matcha, Matcha Classic and Matcha Ceremonial, available for sale at the T-LOFT at 87 Powel Avenue, Southampton.

Studies show that drinking at least three cups of tea each day helps to: lower cholesterol and blood pressure, burn calories, enhance the immune system, reduce the risk of heart attack and cancer, boost longevity, smooth digestion, and even slow the aging process. (I’m in!)


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