Courtesy Sara DiOrazio
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Spreading Her Wings

Today marks the first day of the 24th Annual Montauk on the Green fine art show, where artists and photographers showcase a wide variety of their work.   It has become known for attracting an international audience and offers the buyer unparalleled access to meet the artists and learn about the inspiration behind the work.  One artist, I hope you’ll have the chance to speak to this weekend is Sara DiOrazio.

Courtesy Sara DiOrazio

Sara’s work is as varied and complex as she is.  She uses a mix of mediums, and every picture tells a story.  Her work includes charcoal and colored pencil, to watercolor, gouache, and acrylic.  She showcases the beauty in imperfection, and light in the darkness.  You can’t help but be inspired by this woman, I promise you.

Courtesy Sara DiOrazio

Sara spent the last year traveling, expanding her personal palette which clearly extends to her art.  She tells me, “Travel always ignites a new level of vibration. And as I paint the inspirations come out in my work from color texture and shape. The more I travel, the more I learn about myself, and my senses, and what gets me excited.”  This can be seen clearly in the translation of this moment of meditation in Ibiza, to this next work of art.

Courtesy Sara DiOrazio
Courtesy Sara DiOrazio

Many times we are programmed to believe stories.  Only until we own our own path and destiny is when we can spread our wings and fly.

I asked for a list of her favorite Hamptons spots, and what to look for:

Tutto il Giorno, Sag Harbor (the penne pasta)
Sylvester and Co, Sag Harbor (coconut iced coffee!)
Duryeas, Montauk, seafood fresh off the boat
Joni’s (Montauk) – banana bread is off the charts
GirlTauk (Montauk)-trendy, affordable clothes
Provisions (turkey tacos and green juice… and a way better version of Swedish fish – wholesome organic DelishFish)
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