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The number one thing that should be on your fall shopping list without a doubt is something plaid.  It’s everywhere.  From coats to pants, sunglasses to shoes.  This fall, we’re mad about plaid.

Plaid, also known as tartan, is defined by a criss-cross pattern of horizontal and vertical lines.  Originally associated with Scotland, different color tartans delineated different (often warring) clans.  (The original gang colors?)

Fun fact: The Dress Act of 1746 banned tartan in Scotland in an effort to control warrior clans.  The law was repealed in 1782, and tartan became the symbolic national dress of Scotland.

This season you’ll find plaid in every style, shape and color you can imagine.  I’m loving the more neutral tones, but if you like a pop of color, go for it.  It’s also an easy way to mix prints.  Try and oversized plaid on top, and a mini check on bottom, just look for complementary colors.  Here are some must haves on my shopping list:

Clockwise from top left: Monse side drape wool blend top; Clark Clan custom sunglasses; MOTHER prep fray ankle pants; Monse plaid combo wool blend coat; Tibi slingback pumps; 1.STATE Capital plaid tie waist shirtdress; Fendi runaway mesh shopping tote bag.

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