Courtesy Ani Antreasyan

Saturday, September 8th, through Sunday, September 16th, an art exhibition featuring local Hamptons artists, entitled “Water Color Works,” will be at Ashawagh Hall in East Hampton.  An opening reception will be held on the 8th from 5-8PM, and a Hamptons Food Truck night on Wednesday September 12th from 4-6:30PM.  A portion of sales from the show will be donated to the Springs Food Pantry.

Come and see works from local artists including Ani Antreasyan, Kirsten Benfield, Amy Conway, Barbara DiLorenzo, Lesley Obrock, Kate Rabinowtiz, Janet Rojas and Jerry Schwabe.

A little background on the artists and their journeys:

Ani Antreasyan-Ani was born in Istanbul and was influenced by her Mediterranean upbringing.  An established photographer, she has just recently starting working in watercolors.  She portrays dreamy landscapes and seascapes, and loves the fog and ocean beaches of the east end.  Ani lives and works in East Hampton.

Kirsten Benfield-Originally from New Zealand, Kirsten now lives and works in East Hampton.  Her work in her own words:  “In exploring my sense of place on the East End, I bring the two places together in landscapes, and mind-scapes.”

Courtesy Kirsten Benfield

Amy Conway-Amy grew up by the ocean in California and raised her children in the desert of New Mexico.  She has a great passion for the beauty of the earth, and lives her mantra: You are love.  She resides in Springs, NY.

Courtesy Amy Conway

Barbara DiLorenzo-She started her career as an Art Director and Creative Director, but was always painting and drawing.  Her work exhibits the space where the exterior and interior landscape merge.  “I paint for the pleasure of it. For the challenge of it. For a way to mine what is still left undiscovered in myself and in the mystery.”

Lesley Obrock-After an 18-year career as a professional gardener Lesley is now working full-time making art. She presently works in a variety of media including encaustic, oil, watercolor, fiber and most recently plaster and enjoys media with a tactile nature the most.  

Kate Rabinowitz-Kate has always loved to draw, and has been a yoga teacher since 1980.  In 2013, Kate lost her daughter “Putting a brush to paper is an extreme act of life…and can be painful when death comes so close. This life affirming practice of connecting with color, image, feeling, and timing, is all to be brought into art. We now run a foundation for Arts and Wellness in honor of my daughter.

Janet Rojas-Janet representational and abstract works are inspired by the beauty and serenity of the East End. Currently she is exploring the use of acrylics and mixed media.

Jerry Schwabe-“The work presented here shows how deeply I am affected by the light and color of our surroundings: the water, the woods and the open fields and all that nature’s beauty has to offer those of us lucky enough to live on Long Island’s East End. My technique spans from a classical approach to the more dramatic, with variations in mood, formed in abstractions of color and shape.”

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