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Overheard in the Hamptons

Ah, summer in the Hamptons. A time for lazy lounging by the pool. Picnics at the beach. Catching fireflies. It’s also the season for frantic shopping. In need of my own sustenance and partially curious about what the scene would be, I ventured out at 8:58 a.m. to Citarella in Bridgehampton on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. The conversations ranged from the scintillating to the silly to the sublime. Or something like that.

“My husband invited my son’s whole Little League team over and that’s 14 families. I have a caddy from the club to grill. I need 45 pieces of corn.”

Overheard at the fish counter on the sizing of salmon fillets: “Two of them are women, just to let you know. They aren’t going to eat very much.”

“A dozen white American slices.”
“For burgers?”
“No, just to eat.”

“We need more jumbo shrimp!”

“I’m so glad I got here at 9 a.m. They’re already out of grilled artichokes.”

All summer I’ll have my eyes and ears open in all my favorite spots…so be careful what you say. You just might read it here!

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